Let's get real.

Being in ministry has its ups and downs. Gateway Conference tackles it all.

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Some lines divide, but ours is a common thread.

The Gateway Conference desires to share practical wisdom for cultivating real growth by nurturing true and biblical health in the spiritual community of the local church. We want to share these principles because we desire to do everything in our power to build God’s kingdom through His local church.

God has given us all the opportunity to lead.

The Leadership Track offers encouraging, inspiring teachings from a group of pastors that have decades of experience. Our desire is to share practical wisdom that nurtures true and biblical health in the spiritual community of the local church leader.

Whether you're a pastor who worships, or a worshipper who pastors ...

The Worship Track of the Gateway Conference is designed to provide inspiration, empowerment, and tools for worship pastors, worship leaders, and worship teams. We desire to not only communicate the heart behind what we do, but also provide you with practical information to help you effectively steward.


Worship Artist
Passion City Church
Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe
Louie Giglio
Passion City Church
Dr. Tony Evans
Senior Pastor
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dr. Henry Cloud
Psychologist, Author, & Leadership Consultant

Our Team

Gateway Worship
Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor
Gateway Church
Jimmy Evans
Lead Apostolic Senior Pastor
Gateway Church
Mark Harris
Lead Worship Pastor
Gateway Church
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When we come together, the Church becomes stronger.

Every year, thousands of church pastors, leaders, and staff come together at the Gateway Conference to pause, rejuvenate, and receive ministry training. As always, you’ll be able to choose between the Leadership Track and the Worship Track. Each day, everyone will join together for corporate worship and general sessions. Then, you’ll attend one of more than 12 different Breakout Sessions in your track of choice—Leadership or Worship. (Don’t worry about missing one of the Breakout Sessions. We’re posting the audio for all of the Breakout Sessions online for you to download for FREE! That means you’ll be able to hear them all!)

Best of all, you can come with your entire team and enjoy this life-changing conference all at one location!

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